View Full Version : Detagging Players - Affiliate Warning

06-28-2012, 08:28 AM
The e-mail below was received from Casinomeister - a very reputable site that provides ongoing gaming information - we have felt it our duty to relay this information to Affiliates and players alike.

If you are an affiliate of C-Planet, this affects you:

I am absolutely positive that the administration of C-Planet has been detagging referred players. I know for sure that it's happened at Casinomeister, and if they are brazen enough to do it at Casinomeister, for sure they will do it to you.

It's actually quite sad since at one time they were a rising star of the online casino industry (2008-2009). But the carelessness and extreme negligence of Rushmore's owner/operator caused the casino operation to dip into a downward spiral in 2010 - and it's only accelerating into a serious crash and burn situation.