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07-13-2012, 01:16 PM
Weekly Rakeback at Silversands http://www.bigbcasinos.com/SouthAfricanCasinos.html

Silversands Poker would like to pay you for playing at their ring tables, in their STT's and at their daily tournaments. They will do this via the following Rakeback structure.

How is the Rakeback Calculated?

The total of the players total individual rake contribution, STT fees paid and MTT fees paid are calculated on a weekly basis (Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59) and a percentage is then paid out according to the following tiers.

Total Rake

From R10 up to R500

From R500 up to R1250

Over R1250

Please note that only completed hands and tournaments are taken into account at the time of the rakeback calculation. For example the big Sunday night tournament often runs past midnight therefore its fees will apply to the next weeks calculation.

Who gets Rakeback?

All players who have contributed a minimum of R10 in rake/fees in the preceding week and whose account is in good standing at the time of rakeback payment.

How much have i made so far?
You can check how much rakeback you will be paid in the promotions section of the cashier.

When do I get paid?
Players will have their rake back deposited into their account every Monday, there are no conditions attached to these funds and they may be withdrawn should the player wish to.
Standard Terms and conditions apply.