View Full Version : Casino Noir Goes Live

03-24-2014, 09:07 AM
Casino Noir (http://www.casinonoir.com?affid=20899) is a Casino that caters specifically to the French speaking player. They have just recently enhanced the Casino by inrotucing live dealers.

This form of play is exciting, and whats more their are three different levels of play offerd. For the novice player who is just getting into the game, there is a level in which they can enter to both learn and play - this level is dedicated to all in this position, so you will not at any time bump heads with a professional.

From there you can either enter or migrate to the next level which offers a little more of a challenge, this is the itermediate level where you can start using your method and strategy of play a little more, grow in confidence and start understanding the game and players.

Then we have the top level where you will find the strong confident players who more often than not are very strategic players who not only understand the game 100%, but who are also able to read the game and their fellow players - at this point you could be playing among the next WSOP Champions.