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05-05-2008, 07:18 PM
BingoVega ~ CasinoVega Not paying wins AGAIN

Asking for help from anyone who may know what person to contact for help to make BingoVega meet their obligations, or for someone with the power to "make them pay attention" to email the right person in charge and give them a heads up as to what they are doing to make online gambling look very bad to potential customers of ANY online site.

BingoVega owes 2 players money from winnings. Player "A" requested a $1,600. withdrawal and was approved. She left 223.00 in her account to play on. 2 days later her account was closed for chat room etiquette reasons. She said the wrong thing. Please note that her account was NOT closed until AFTER her withdrawal had been approved. After some communication, her account was reopened and she was invited back to play but WITHOUT chat privileges. When she went back into her account, the $1,600. was gone. Not in pending withdrawals, no where. She is still trying to find out what happened to it. They told her she could cashout the 223. if she chose but will not address the $1,600. issue.

Player "B" won $21,000. on a slots win (screen shot provided). She requested a withdrawal in December and was stalled until she had flowed back down to $14,700. She then requested that amount as a withdrawal. That was approved the first part of January. To date she has received 2 $500. payments on that. The agreement was $500. weekly (as advertised in r&r) with expedited cashout if available at the time, to be reviewed frequently for availability of expedited funds. Now.... this player has received an email "proposal" that WHEN she has the negative feed removed from BPU, they will continue pay her. She has not posted anything negative at BPU or anywhere that I am aware of. Blackmail by any other name is still blackmail. Is there not someone within the "industry" who has the power to stop this?

This has been a very long and drawn out issue. All help greatly appreciated.

05-05-2008, 07:58 PM

I am going to take an unusual step here and refer you to a bigger forum where I am a partner and not sole owner. I meant this forum to handle mostly SA Player complaints, questions, or suggestions but in this instance, the other forum has a host of really experienced webmasters and players. I think that Bingo Vega have been blacklisted for a while. They used to have a decentish reputation when they were part of a growing network that included Planet Poker and more but I have heard nothing but negatives in the recent past.

Please go to http://www.gamblingindustryassociation.com/forums/

You will find a lot of knowledge there especially as regards known offenders. We may just get lucky and find someone who knows which buttons to press to get answers to this.