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Thread: Poker Hand Guide?

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    Cool Poker Hand Guide?

    Hi guys, I like poker and online poker very much, but because Im a newbie, it would be noise to have a reference at hand (no pun intended) to the various poker hands and their ranking (one of a kind, full house, straight flush, royal flush, etc)

    Is there one on your site?



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    Hello KZNCraig

    Although Video Poker is a simple game, one does need to have a little background, and a few tips will always go a long way. Please go to - I am sure this will give you a little assistance.

    Most Online Casinos which you will find at , or offer both Poker and Video Poker - The sign up for the software is always free and they more often than not also offer great bonuses. As a novice at Poker, or even a first timer at any Online Casino, once you have registered at the Casino you are able to play as a guest - this means you can play just about any and every game the Casino has to offer for Free - once you have mastered your game, you can always then click over and play for real money by then registering your Banking details etc with the Casino and making your first deposit.

    You will also find that some of these Casinos also offer their players a helping hand with strategies for their games such as Poker which has so many varied games.

    I hope this helps you and we wish you Happy Playing.

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    Default Re: Poker Hand Guide?

    Thanks for the info, it helped me too!

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    You are Welcome - keep your eyes open here and we will be posting several hints etc for the Poker player - because there are so many Poker Variations, we will try and cover as many as we can.

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