When signing up with any online Poker Room, you will be offered a fantastic and enticing welcoming bonus. These bonuses are absolutely outstanding and hold within them the promise of many hours of play, plus all the possibilities of winning and winning big.

This is indeed true, and having an extra bonus awarded to you over and above what you bankroll is, does indeed offer you all of this as now you will have double the amount of money to what you originally had, and that always increases your options and the possibility of winning and winning considerable amounts of money.

But there is also the other side to the coin. When accepting a bonus, you have to understand that this money is not “free money” and it does have a price attached to it. It may not come in the form of a monetary price, but it will come in the form of a play through rate. This means that, when you accept the bonus, credits are added to your bankroll, you use them and play with them as you would as if it were your own money, winnings all get allocated to this same bankroll, but before you can withdraw your money in cash, you will have to have completed a certain amount of games.

After the welcoming bonus, there are always other bonuses, such as re-load bonuses, that can be taken advantage of, and for the novice this is truly a wonderful windfall, as they are offered the opportunity in honing their skills plus making the mistakes that all novices do without having to waste too much of their own money.

For the more professional player, these bonuses are also considered a windfall, as this offers these players the opportunity to put themselves in line to win and win big as they will be able to participate in more games than what they would have been able to afford should they have accepted the bonus.
When it comes to bonuses, there is always an upside and a downside. The upside is your bankroll is immediately increased considerably, and the downside is you have a certain play through rate to complete before you can withdraw your money, but if you are a poker player, who plays for the love of the game, then this play through rate will definitely not be considered a negative.