World Series of Poker player Viktor Blom from Sweden won $1.4million in one day of online poker. Starting early Sunday morning Blom,who chose not to go to this years WSOP, started off in $500/$1000 no limit Hold Em with Ike Haxton, and after two hours walked away $150,000 better off,and followed this in a Triple Draw game coming out $49000 richer.

After taking a short break, Blom got involved with a number of 3-4 handed ring games and added another $240,000 to his earnings. He then had a serious 80 minute session with 4 other top players coming out on top with a massive $423,000.

Not satisfied with his efforts so far he took on German pro, Sanlker,who he took to the cleaners and ended the contest $212,000 better off.

Now that he was warmed up, he and Haxton went head to head again in demanding 6 hour session that saw Blom eventually come out the better by a cool$110,000.
Whilst playing Haxton, Blom was also playing in another game of FLO8,where at one stage it looked like he was in for a $300,000 loss, but he managed to turn it around when lady luck smiled on him once more and he left $24000 to the good.

To round off a good day at the office he played heads up against an old rival, Sallywoo and pocketed another $70,000. What a night to remember.