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Thread: What I will and will not allow

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    Default What I will and will not allow

    I will allow freedom of speech but as always, there are boundries.

    Innocent until proven guilty - No accusations before the facts are laid on the table and both sides of the story have been heard. I am not flexible in this regard.

    No foul language - Maybe I am a prude but so what. I am different to the norm and have not become accepting of foul comments. Keep it clean!

    No flaming - Simply put, be tolerant of those you do not agree with. If you don't agree, sure you can say so. Do not however diminish the other persons right to believe differently. That is what flaming is all about. It's not about disagreeing, it's about attemting to diminish the others persons right to an opinion

    No religion please - I choose my beliefs, you choose yours. This forum can easilly become a war zone if one person disagrees with another. Let's leave religion out of posts please.

    No spam please. This is my website and I get to choose who will be advertised.

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    rules and regulation are easy to understand.the game is quit interesting...most important one is to avoid spam and duplicate.
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