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    pokerdiva01 Guest

    Smile question!!!

    HEY GUYS!!!

    I want to play freeroll poker tournaments, but i cant find a decent pokeroom, they all are stinky, bad prizes too muchs "buts" and i have to wait too much time!!!
    Any suggestions where can i play?

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    Can you tell us which currency you would prefer? In South African Rands, it's my opinion that 3 Piggs Poker is best but in UK Pounds, I think it's probably Party Poker. Wild Jack (Prima Poker Network) also has a good reputation and they deal in US Dollars as well.

    For newbies, I would also suggest a visit to Bugsys Club. They are associated with the Poker School crowd so there is a long history of helping people.

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    lottosystems Guest

    Default Poker Rooms

    I love to play poker and presently I am searching for poker rooms where we can get good bonuses and prizes. If I found any, I will suggest you definitely...

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    wallstreeterww Guest

    Default Re: question!!!

    Hey guys, so how did these poker rooms turn out and how would you rate your stay at them?

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